Telephone surveys and customer surveys

Telephone survey is a quantitative research method, which consists in questioning consumers by telephone on the basis of a survey form. Most often, a telephone interview technique is used when it is necessary to obtain quantitative data on consumers or study public opinion in a short time and for little money.

The call center operator directly communicates by telephone with the subscriber and receives the information that the customer needs for further analysis. By ordering the “interviewing” service in a large experienced contact center, you are guaranteed and in a short time get a large coverage of subscribers – from several hundred to tens of thousands. Call-center specialists also provide a detailed result of a survey or research, and full access to the established statistical database of contacts. Thus, you get the related service “Collecting a customer base” for further use for your own purposes.

Conducting telephone surveys at the A.R.C.E call center is:


Using the service “telephone survey” and “customer survey” in A.R.C.E Contact Center, you get:




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